Business Online Intermission

Online Business (Tank) Preliminary

We are still getting everything ready to officially start. This series of posts will be all about your website. As we have discussed previously, your website is like your online business. Actually, it is your online business. So it's important that it represents you just as well as your physical one (if applicable). So we are going to be going over how to improve the reputation and visibility of your online business, what to do to make it as user-friendly as possible, and how to get your customers leaving with a good opinion about you. The last one will help the other two goals because you can turn those customers into repeat customers if you treat them right. And they will recommend you to their friends and family. Your ultimate goal should be turning your customers into reliable heralds of your business and what it offers. When your heralds have a good experience, often times it's the new customers they themselves attract that are the real rewards. We will get into more general business best practices later on.

Now, we already know there is a bit of confusion among the newer members on how our businesses are related to fish and fish tanks. The answer is simple (hit that slider button at the top on the school of fish to see a hint). We like to use the analogy that the "fish" are your customers. The sea is the world/market. And the tank or tanks are your businesses. You want to handle every customer with care so that they will no longer wish to swim aimlessly through the market. Your tank is where you want to attract them into (your store), and where they will remain . . . and happily. This last part is provided that you take care of them and make your store environment friendly. We will get into this later on when we post more about conversion, relations, and promoting. For now, we are leaving you with this video. It should help give you pointers on basics business practice in general. Not simply what we are posting about in this category. We hope you find it motivational. Even when you become successful, there come times when you need a little extra push to keep moving forward in business. These are good times to reflect on the greats and what motivated them, what continues to motivate them, and what trials they faced but overcame. Until then, check back for updates.