My Fish Tanks is a blog about good business practices. We cover elementary to intermediate tactics and tips on keeping businesses busy and bringing in more customers (particularly online businesses, though most of these tips can translate to physical ones). If you are a new business owner or have a little experience already, this blog can help you strengthen any shortcomings you may have. If you are experienced, feel free to leave helpful comments and interact with the less experienced readers. Remember, everyone was new at some point. We will cover other things like how to make your online business more visible and how to keep the customers that you already have. Treating customers with respect and valuing each individually is an important topic that we cover more than once. It is sort of our reoccurring theme.

If you have not yet heard from our posts, we are called My Fish Tanks because we see all our online businesses as fish tanks. The fish are the customers that we intend to attract and retain. The ocean would be the online market in general. Your tank must be clean, inviting, and a valuable environment for your fish (customers) to be happy. Lastly, if you find that many of our posts (specifically our first several) are very basic, then you may have more experience than you think. However, we caution you not to dismiss these topics. Going back over the basics is a very powerful way to strengthen any foundation you have. It will also likely remind you of why you are successful in the first place.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for updates.